Ourbitofthe.net is here

Most of you who dropped by every now and then to do a bit of CALL, play a few games and add their bit to The Opal Times, might like to know that this site no longer has any connection with d'Overbroecks College,it never was more than a place to put the activities which they would not allow me server space for, and for the students to put their projects on. and will be changing its content soon to rise, like the Phoenix (but slower) in a beautiful new guise. Meanwhile, those of you who have email accounts should check them in the really smart interface here.

Those of you who had accounts may be interested to know that The Eye, an online desktop useful for keeping homework on etc. has largely been superseded by Facebook which you can reach here . On 18th of July 2010 we moved to a new server, so give us a little time, please to get more useful!